The package value a bomb and i didn't just like the Profolan pushiness of those professional in introducing these packages to me. Additionally I have heard many stories of individuals having spent more than $ten,000 on these supposedly sensible cures only to lose even more hair or having no improvement seen, besides wasting their onerous-earned money! Thus, hair treatment centres scared me off at that point and i determined to consult a high hair dermatologist in Singapore instead. It wasn't low cost. Initial consultation alone value $eighty.

 The dermatologist inspected my hair and said Profolan Opinie there was nothing wrong. She prescribed me with  Nizoral  and a Gentle Shampoo  to be rotated interchangeably daily and a sebum regulator to be applied on the scalp at nighttime when laundry ($eighteen). In truth, the residue from the sebum regulator created small sticky white residue on my hair once my hair dried to the extent that my colleagues thought my hair had dandruff. Read more:

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